How does SolTech Help Small Businesses?

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What does SolTech do, anyway? That may be a question you have and we want to answer that for you in this blog.

What are SolTechs areas of service?

SolTech is really focused on four areas of service. These are social media, website management, business listings (like Yelp), and online advertising. Below we will share more about each area.

Social Media

Right now, most of us communicate through social media. Some of us send instant messages through Facebook or WhatsApp, while many of us post daily life events on Instagram. Others of us use LinkedIn to learn more about important facts in our industry and connect with others in our realm of business. Billions of people log into different social channels daily to connect with friends and business connections. Whether we love it or hate it, it has become the new way of connecting online.

Now, many businesses are also using social media to connect with their customers and employees. It provides a great outlet to keep people updated on the day to day of business life. Here at SolTech, we want to help you keep your connections up to date on the happenings of your business.

Many large companies have an entire team to manage their social media accounts, but we know in small business it is either too hard to find the employees who are able to keep these accounts active, or too expensive to hire highly skilled employees to do these tasks for you. We want to become your full-time team of experts posting and updating your social accounts at a price that is affordable, while still sharing content that is relevant and important in your industry.

Website Management

The web has changed so quickly over the past several years. Fresh and accurate content online is a crucial part of any local business. Often, in order to hire a web development team to design and create a new website, it can take months and thousands of dollars. With our complete online management plan, we offer constant updating, blogging, analytics, and keyword research to make sure that your website is the one your customers find when they are looking for your service in your area. Google now rates sites higher that are freshly updated and mobile-friendly, so we can also redesign your site to start and continue to update as time progresses.

Business Listings

Most of us simply search in google maps when we are trying to find a local service. We will make sure that your business is listed properly with updates so that your customers will be sure to find you when they are looking for their local teddy bear or whatever you offer.

Online Advertising

Now, it is cheaper than ever before to make sure your customers find your product or service. We can set up ads that are based on location and interests so that the only people who see your ads are the people who need what you offer. We will set up targeted advertising,  so you can focus on the work you love most. We advertise through Google, Google partners, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We can help you decide which to use based on your product and services.

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