Areli Wray

Instagram Management | Co-founder

Hello, my name is Areli. I live with my husband, Christopher, in Mexico.

Soltech is our way of helping businesses become known through social networks, to be close to their customers, and is also our way of providing for our family. I really like what we do, it implies always being creative and looking for fun ideas to help others.

Specifically, I'm in charge of Instagram, one of the most popular social networks of the moment. We publish photos and videos from our client’s businesses so that their customers and employees are informed and in touch with their company.

I believe that good use of technology helps all of us to create and strengthen our community by offering the best of the products and services we have.

Some More of The Team:

about SolTech

Sol is the Spanish word for Sun. Like the sun, we want to be a light in the world through our business by being steadfast, honest and sharing Christ with others we meet through our services.