Social Media Management

Your full-time team of experts posting and updating your social accounts at a price that is affordable.

Social Media Management

Right now, most of us communicate through social media. Some of us send instant messages through Facebook or WhatsApp, while many of us post daily life events on Instagram. Others of us use LinkedIn to learn more about important facts in our industry and connect with others in our realm of business. Billions of people log into different social channels daily to connect with friends and business connections. Whether we love it or hate it, it has become the new way of connecting online.

Now, many businesses are also using social media to connect with their customers and employees. It provides a great outlet to keep people updated on the day to day of business life. Here at Sol, we want to help you keep your connections up to date on the happenings of your business.

Many large companies have an entire team to manage their social media accounts, but we know in small business it is either too hard to find the employees who are able to keep these accounts active, or too expensive to hire highly skilled employees to do these tasks for you. We want to become your full-time team of experts posting and updating your social accounts at a price that is affordable, while still sharing content that is relevant and important in your industry.


  • 2-4 posts a week. We use your photos to create relevant content.
  • Copyrighted posts. Fresh Content.
  • Constantly updated Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn Pages
  • Customer responses. Each comment that should get a response will.
  • Message responses. When we don't know the answer, we'll refer them to you.
  • Advertising. We include $100/month of advertising, but if you want to advertise more we can set up more ads for free.
  • Set up. We'll set up your social pages if they're not already set up.


  1. 1-2 Social accounts: 600$ / Month. Includes $100/month Ad cost.
  2. 3 Social accounts: 800$ / Month. Includes $100/month Ad cost.


  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
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“Using Soltech, we were able to get a custom built website with great support! They are willing to work with you and will not be satisfied until you are! Thanks again!”
Milo, The Crossed Connection Laser Co.

“We have been working with Chris and SolTech on our Social Media Marketing and just media in general. Don't try to take care of your social media in house. You will waste time and be frustrated trying to keep up. Send it over to SolTech and rest easy. They are great at generating interesting content and making sure you are reaching the right people!”

Jordan, Fosters Pickled Products

“Chris is an excellent resource to use for your social media and web services. He is very responsive and looks ahead. I have and will continue to recommend their services!”
Chad, F&K Construction Inc.

“Chris is friendly yet driven to produce the best results for your business. Does great work! Thanks Chris.”
Curtis, C&E Trenching LLC

“Chris with SolTech did an awesome job finding the perfect website for me to share my photography on. He was very informative and walked me patiently through each tab to teach me how to keep it up to date! Thanks for all you did!”
Stacy, Stacy Robbins Photography

“Chris built my website for me and I couldn't have asked for a better job! Great people to work with!”
Cameron, Drop Em Waterfowl

“Soltech did a very nice web site for us. They are a dedicated service company. They keep the wheels of the bus rolling.”
Everett, Garden Gate Nursery LLC

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