Google Advertising

Let us set up and maintain your Google Ad campaigns.

Google Advertising

One of the best ways that you can grow your local small business is by advertising on Google. When a person in your local area searches for your product or service, you need to be one of the first results they find, or you will lose out on many customers that are already needing what you have!

When you advertise on Google, you can be one of the first results users find in their search, which will help them find your business quickly. We can easily help you set up and maintain your ads, connecting your potential customers to your online store, or store front.


  • Fair pricing
  • Tell us what you need done and we'll do it.
  • Keyword research for best search terms.
  • Full ad management.


  • $100-$499 / month in ad spend: 20% of ad spend.
  • $500-$999/ month in ad spend: 15% of ad spend.
  • $1000+ / month in ad spend 10% of ad spend.


  • Google
  • Google MyBusiness
  • Google Ads

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