My Domain is being used by Spoofers!

About Emails

Christopher Wray

"Spam is impossible to prevent."

"You can do everything right, but you will still have people able to use your email address."

This is what the "expert" I talked to told me.

This is false. ABSOLUTELY FALSE.

If your domain is being used by scammers to send emails to people, YOU CAN STOP IT.

Email is complicated, but not that complicated. It is called DKIM and SPF.

You need to have those TWO records in your DNS. If you don't, people will be able to use your domain to send email.

If you do, THEY WON'T. Don't listen to ANYONE that says differently.

Is someone still using your domain to send email? Then contact your email provider. THEY WILL FIND THE PROBLEM.

DON'T trust the self called "expert."

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