How we grew a wholesale nursery's website users from 15/day to over 200.

Search Engine Optimization

Christopher Wray

Over the past almost 3 years now, we have been managing Garden Gate Nursery's website through our company here at Soltech.

When we first started managing this website, we saw around 15-20 users, on average, of their website per day.

Now, in September of 2020, we are seeing anywhere from 200-300 users of their website daily, and in the past year have seen over 50,000 people checking out products on Garden Gate's site.

In the above video, I share some of the specific things we did to see this kind of growth of their website traffic, which include:

  • Writing a blog.
  • Creating a curated product catalog with specific pages for each of the primary plants they sell.
  • Updating the site often to provide better user experience with Webflow.
  • Structuring the site properly.
  • Featuring Garden Gate Nursery on the NurseryPeople website.

One thing that we also did from the very beginning is use some Google advertising as well as Facebook advertising during Garden Gate's public events, but Organic search growth has completely outperformed the ad growth in users, so I decided primarily to focus on what brought in the most significant organic growth of the website's users.

I would love to read ideas you have that you could do for your companies website! Leave them below in the comments.

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